Mellow Ads - Website approval guidelines

Last updated: October 28, 2016

To help maintain the high quality of the Mellow Ads network we have decided to implement a manual approval process for all websites that wish to create ad spaces and display Mellow Ads adverts.
This process is detailed below and takes effect immediately. It does not however preclude any of the terms detailed in our Terms of service document - in particular item 3.2 which states that "Mellow Ads does not give any guarantees that your website will be accepted and reserves the rights to approve or reject any website, at any time and for any reason". The overriding aim here is to ensure that advertisers are receiving good value for their campaigns.

  1. Mandatory requirements

    The following requirements are the minimum that MUST be met by the website both at the time that it is submitted for approval, and for as long as it is active on Mellow Ads...
    1. The website must be in the top 100,000 sites in the Alexa rankings
      (This was previously the top 200,000 - see our blog post for details of the change)
    2. All details entered into Mellow Ads about the website must be accurate and up to date
    3. You must be the owner or adminstrator for the website
    4. The website URL must not be a referral link for a website that you don't own
    5. The content of the website must comply with moral and ethical norms of society.
    6. The website must not contain or have links to viruses, phishing or any sort of malicious software
    7. The website must not contain any content that violates the intellectual property rights of another person, the legal owner of the content.
    8. The website must display and function correctly (within reason) in the most commonly used modern web browsers.
    9. There should be a reasonable ratio of content to adverts on the website - e.g. we will immediately reject any page that just contains adverts, or has a very small amount of useful content
    10. The website must have its own domain name and not be hosted on a subdomain of hosting domains such as wix, blogspot, wordpress, yola, doodlekit, faucetfly etc.
    11. The website must not instruct, prompt or deceive the visitor into clicking on adverts.
    12. Traffic to the website should be organic and not generated by any sort of automated traffic generation system or service
  2. Further criteria

    In addition to the mandatory requirements listed above, we will also take into account the following criteria when making a website approval decision. There is a higher chance of approval if more of these criteria are met.
    1. Presence of other quality advertising (e.g. Google AdSense - which has its own strict approval criteria)
    2. Decent Alexa ranking history - at least 3 months
    3. In the case of faucets and other similar micro-earnings sites - we will be looking for some sort of unique branding/design, rather than basic off-the-shelf templates such as those provided by FaucetBox etc